Ben Mosley's Tokyo 2020 Mural – 2nd August 2021

Ben Mosley's Tokyo 2020 Mural – 2nd August 2021

On every day of the Tokyo Games, UK artist Ben Mosley captured the key moments of TEAM GB in an incredible mural that celebrate our athletes’ successes. The physical mural no longer exists but the powerful narrative of the games lives on in digital form as a collection of unique NFTs.

We are now offering you the opportunity to support the team by owning one of the sixteen days of the mural - a genuine piece of British Olympic History.

The achievements on this day reflected in this digital collectible include:

  • Equestrian, Eventing Team – GOLD
  • Tom McEwen, Equestrian, Eventing Individual – SILVER
  • Emily Campbell, Weightlifting – SILVER

This drop Includes:

  • One of One NFT of original mural painting. (The Mural fits together like a jigsaw and each day has a unique shape with surrounding days blurred out to show the context and position within the full work)
  • Full-length time-lapse video file of Ben Mosley creating the original painting.
  • Each NFT will be randomly allocated a signed piece of TEAM GB.
  • There is a range of signed pieces available including the Woman 7’s team, the diving team (including Tom Daly), the athletics squad (inc Dinah Asher Smith) and the star item including medallists such as Adam Peaty, Emily Campbell, Max Whitlock and Tom Pidcock). The items will be randomly allocated to the owner of each mural NFT — everyone has an equal chance of getting the star piece.
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