Ben Mosley Opening Ceremony Mural - 1/1
Ben Mosley Opening Ceremony Mural - 1/1
Ben Mosley Opening Ceremony Mural - 1/1

Ben Mosley Opening Ceremony Mural - 1/1


  • NFT of original painting
  • Full length time lapse video file of Ben Mosley creating the original painting
  • The actual Team GB Ben Sherman jersey worn by Ben Mosley while painting OPENING
  • Ben Sherman Official Team GB Opening Ceremony Jacket in the Winner's Size
  • A Ben Sherman Official Team GB Oxford Shirt in the Winner's Size

As the sun was just rising in the UK, we set out to capture the tradition, pageantry and glory of the Opening Ceremony for the Tokyo Games. It was an opening ceremony like none other, playing before an audience of empty seats in Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium. This did nothing to dampen the celebration of the athletes and an audience of billions around the world. Perseverance against a backdrop of a global pandemic emerged as the theme and we are humbled to document this moment on the walls of a shop in Carnaby Street, halfway across the world from the Games.

The initial work on the mural shows the contingent of British fans and athletes, descending on The National Stadium in Tokyo, whilst also offering a nod to where these athletes have come from.

The upper portion of the mural shows off some of the unique London cityscape - that many of our athletes and Team GB fan/support base, call home - whilst also pulling in elements of the Japanese skyline including Mount Fuji. The exuberant crowd surrounds the stadium; having made their way to Tokyo from the UK. The physical closeness of the Japanese and British city architecture in my piece, symbolising the closeness and unity of the nations, over the course of the games.

The lower portion shows an excited Team GB! Proudly flying their Union Jack flags, wearing their bespoke Ben Sherman uniforms, roaring alongside the Team GB lion, as the Olympic ceremony officially kicks off Tokyo 2020. And what a game it’s set to be for the British female athletes! 201 British female Olympians are in the squad, alongside a team of 175 males. The 2020 Olympics is truly shaping up to be the year of the female Olympian! This moment is now minted to the blockchain for eternity. One passionate fan will own this moment-- forever… View NFT